Thursday, August 21, 2008

Top 4 Awards that We Are About to Win

So I was doin' a little surfin' of the internet, and I found out that the Blogger's Choice Awards are currently happening. Now, normally I wouldn't care about this, because like all well-adjusted human beings, I hate blogs. HOWEVER, I am currently a contributing author to pretty much the only good blog in the world, so I realized it was my civic duty to nominate this blog so it can do what it was born to do: WIN. Therefore, I urge/demand all of you three awesome people who read this and know how much better it is than the rest of the internet to register an e-mail address at that site and vote for us in the following categories:

4. Best Humor Blog

Okay, so I could only nominate us for four categories, so I started with the most general category. I thought about going for "Best Blog of All Time," which yes, this is, thank you for pointing that out, but look at our competition. The guy currently winning for "Best Blog of All Time" is some dude who blogs about his wife having cystic fibrosis. I'm going to go ahead and admit that this is one of those things like when the retarded kid runs for prom king that we are just not going to beat. The only person who could beat this is someone blogging about a spouse in a coma, which somebody is totally going to do soon. That reminds me to write out a living will with a no-blogging clause.

In conclusion, we are hilarious, so vote for us for Best Humor Blog. The one currently winning is some mom blog filled with mom humor so yeah, it pretty much sucks.

3. Best Blog About Stuff

Is this blog about stuff? Oh fuck yes it is. It's not about depressing stuff like cystic fibrosis, but it certainly about stuff, FUN stuff like Billy Dee Williams, T-Rex from Qwantz, the 70s sitcom Taxi, and Merkin Muffley. I have no idea what blog ever created isn't about stuff. Yeah, I should've thought this through before I nominated us in this one, because it basically just might as well be "Best Blog of All Time." That is, good old cfhusband is winning again.

So hopelessly vote for us for Best Blog About Stuff.

2. The "Blogitzer" Award

I seriously have no idea what the hell this means. Vote for us.

1. Hottest Daddy Blogger

I'm going to be completely honest, I just entered us in this category because it seemed like it would probably be the easiest one to win. Going over the categories now, I'm finding that in fact "Best Corporate Blog" or "Best Marketing Blog" would've been the one to go for, since the winners in those have the fewest votes.

But seriously, Hottest Daddy Blogger? Who the Christ chooses these categories? Anyway, here is some Hot Daddy blogging from me:

Vote for us in this category or I will make you go to your room!!!!! (now I flex my muscles and throw you a dashing smile)

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