Monday, July 13, 2009

Top 18 General Hospital Spinoffs

(...not including Port Charles.)

18. Typical Firehouse

17. Nonspecific Police Station

16. Regular Ol' Post Office

15. Conventional Airport

14. Everyday Cancer Treatment Facility

13. Humdrum Law Firm

12. Commonplace Commons

11. Normal Widget Factory

10. Ordinary Department of Sanitation

9. The Usual Supermarket

8. Vague Federal Building

7. Run-of-the-Mill Dental Practice

6. Just Your Average Bank

5. Literally Any Bus Depot

4. Your Basic After Work Hangout

3. What You'd Expect Of A Veterinary Clinic

2. Ill-defined Struggling Coffeeshop That Caters To Local Artists

1. Indistinguishable From Every Other Performing Arts High School


TK said...

Seriously? This is still your most recent update?


Caitlin said...

Ok, I know this has been up for a while, but I don't check this so frequently, now that I don't work at a desk.

I just wanted to comment: I've always thought that it was funny that there is a publishing company called "Random House," and think you could make a similar list of like names, such as "obscure condo" or "arbitrary mansion."

That's all.