Sunday, July 12, 2009

Top 17 Things I Texted Rob While Watching "The Dark Knight" Tonight

Hi, all. Hi, dears. Hi, friends of the blog.

On Sunday nights, I like to kick back and relax while watching a fine, fine film. This tradition is known in Hell's Kitchen as "Sunday Night Movie", or SNM for short. (IT SOUNDS LIKE S&M, WHAAAAT!?!) Anyways, tonight, Caitlin and I were all, "Oh, hey, The Dark Knight... haven't watched you since, um, ever." AND WATCH IT WE DID!

But for me, watching a movie is a multimedia experience. As in, I was texting Rob the whole time. About a movie we've both seen. A lot.

1. 10:01pm
"Watching Dark Knight. Forgot how baller this movie is."

2. 10:09pm
"'D-did yer balls drop off!?' ...brilliant."

3. 10:33pm
"You have been cast as Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight."

4. 10:57pm
"Oh hi I am The Dark Knight I am so fuckin good."

5. 10:58pm
"I am the Batman!"

6. 11:05pm
"Oh shit you are not dead, you just arrested The Joker (cast as Jordy)..."

7. 11:09pm
"Dude the good cop bad cop shit is not gonna work on Jordy!!!"

8. 11:14pm
"Morgan Freeman (as played by Caitlin) is gonna hook me up with some sonar shit."

9. 11:16pm
"Jordy is wearing waaaaay too much makeup."

10. 11:20pm
"Oh fuuuuuck there goes half your face Aaron Eckhart! You didn't need it, to be fair... All you need is that chin dimple, the source of all your power."

11. 11:22pm
"Whoops Rachel (Dawes slash Leopold) is dead... Bad info! (I originally typed 'bad indo', lol...)"

12. 11:35pm
"Hospital fail!!!"

13. 11:43pm
"OMJerz don't blow up the (two) Staten Island Ferry(s)!"

14. 11:53pm
"Why does this movie keep being the best ever!?!"

15. 12:00am
"Rob, you thought we could be decent men in an indecent time! WRONG, BRO!"

16. 12:05am
"Not Deniro we deserved, but Deniro we needed... (Caitlin made that joke.)"

17. 12:07am
"Oh! The Dark Knight! THAT's the name of the show!"

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