Thursday, April 9, 2009

Top 16 GChat Profile Photo Types (and What They Say About You!)

16. You with your hot friends
You’re probably pretty normal, and also pretty pretty.

15. You with your ugly friends
You know what you’re doing… you know exactly what you’re doing.

14. You as a baby
You had a great childhood! Too bad things have gone downhill…

13. A different baby
Your childhood was fine, but more importantly, you steal babies!

12. You, “Yes We Can” poster style
You supported Barack Obama last November and are therefore 1/1,000,000,000th president.

11. A landscape
You love nature... and are maybe a little insecure? It's okay! We here at PaRMLoT love you, at least.

10. You drinking
You are the coolest person on the internets and can always be counted on to be having fun at any given instant, ever. Also, your liver is the size of a friggin’ suitcase.

9. A cartoon character
You are the second coolest person on the internets and can usually be counted upon to be patrolling the seas on a giant seahorse at any given instant, ever.

8. A picture of yourself taken by you, digital camera
You have no friends.

7. A picture of yourself taken by you, laptop
You have no friends or arms.

6. You slightly out of frame
You’re always on the move! Watch out, Governor! I’m comin’ up behind you!

5. You mostly out of frame
You are positively hideous.

4. A cute, little animal
You have never once murdered an animal. (Possibly because you are one.)

3. You, kinda blurry
You cannot be photographed! The result would be too perfect, too beautiful… it would burn the eyes and soul of anyone who looked upon it! Your visage is the samizdat!

2. You, glamour shot

1. No picture
You’re normal.


El Gigante said...

Second coolest person on the internet, I'll take it.

Lakshmi said...

I like #7.

nicole r said...