Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 5 Links Rami Has Forwarded Me In The Past Few Days

Caitlin is watching that Chrismukkah episode of The O.C. where Seth buys the same gift-package for Summer and Anna. I am about to fall asleep while hugging my football. (2009 schedules released today! The Vikes are second-from-the-bottom in terms of strength of schedule... of course, that's skewed by the Lions.) Anyway, friend-of-the-blog Rami has been a bad-ass link-machine in the past few days.

Kick it!

There is NOTHING intuitive about this combination, but somehow it works. It's like if someone was like, "What if Kurosawa made The Mighty Ducks! What if Billy Wilder directed Can't Hardly Wait! What if Jaws was a documentary shot in real time?" (Attn: Frank, those are your next three projects.)

I'd rather see this than the current Broadway incarnation, frankly. (Attn: Frank, weren't we supposed to see that?)

If I could turn back time, I'd put this on my Top 8 Paul Rudd Roles list. (Attn: Frank, also Brian Fantana. I'd put that on too.)

I had a roommate in college. We'll call him Shmars. Long story short, he did this. Once, he had a friend visiting. She was from, oh, let's say, Shmaustralia. Anyway, Shmars was with another sheila that night, so his friend needed a room. I, being a shmentleman, let her crash in my bed and I slept on the common room couch. That night, as I pulled cowboy hat (don't ask) tight over my face to drown out the world/the pain, I heard Shmars playing the opening chords of 'Wonderwall' and croon-deucing that sheila. The world is too much with us. (Attn: Frank, remember that?)

This is just gold. (Attn: Frank?)

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El Gigante said...

Yay, this doesn't cancel out my upcoming birthday list does it? :)