Thursday, April 2, 2009

Top 12 Incorrect Titles for This Site

12. Peter and Rob Make Links to Things
Essentially the same, minus snark and commentary and snarky commentary. (Which means you’d love it so much less!)

11. Peter and Rob Make Light of Things
Essentially the same, minus the helpful links and the occasional posts where I wax epic-poetic about baseball or “Jungleland”.

10. Peter and Rob Make Liszt Some Things
Very, very different. This would be us following round the clock orders from Franz Liszt.

9. Peter and Rob Make Lists of Thighs
This is an itemized soft-core porn site. God help you if you are into that.

8. Peter and Rob Make Fists at Things
This is most of Rob’s posts already.

7. Peter and Rob Make Biscuit Things
This is what it would be like if Rob and I tried to make some sort of doughy appetizer.

6. Rob and Peter Make Lists of Things
This is just totally backwards and I don’t even want to consider it.

5. Peter and Rob Take Piss on Things
Either this a very gross, very niche-oriented porn site, or the title is figurative and this is essentially the same site.

4. Peter and Rob Bake Wistful Things
This is like “Make Biscuit Things” but it takes a more reverent, nostalgic look at the baked good of interest.

3. Peter and Rob Wake Fitfully
This is just true.

2. Peter and Rob Do Each Other Sometimes
This is also just true.

1. Ron Shortsweather’s Exciting Opportunities
This is as close to truth as a human can be.

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You missed the best incorrect title at all...