Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top 24 Blogs That Were Discovered By Just Typing "[A Word Or Phrase Someone Thought Of]"

A couple days ago, Mike Molina and I invented my new favorite game. Just type something--anything--into your browser, then follow it by "" Chances are pretty high that it either exists or has been removed--and when they exist, they usually have a maximum of four or five posts, all of them in like 2001, and almost invariably end with "will write more soon!" The more you play this, the more it moves from kinda weird, to hilarious, to sublime. Here are some of our best discoveries:

Even better than the one beautiful post are the dozens of comments railing this poor little kid for "wasting" this domain name. They fail to realize that this is the best possible thing that would be at

I don't know about you, but I trust the good doctor Borkenstein.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if the brilliant ironies in a few of the sites (like this one) are intentional. I'll chalk it up as great art either way.

Sometimes it's a little clearer (but no less brilliant).

If only it would've worked we could have learned why the pants are so fancy!

At first it seems only pretty good. Then you see the username description, and you realize that this blog is a true great.


That construction sure is taking a while! I'm hoping for another post in 2009 that just says the same thing again.

Welcome indeed.

Seriously dude that is kinda messed up.

The top post on that. Oh. Oh God. Oh God.

I must ask about the name!!!

A serious case of title + first sentence = brilliance.

Is rapper.blogspot a truer rapper or punk.blogspot a truer punk? A question for the ages.

Hey! And...


It's so easy to join the club!

Boy > girl

This guy has ten blogs and they are all equally amazing. For instance. In all of them, he promises that he will soon tell me why his current target "sucks." I am 10x on the edge of my seat for an explanation that may never come~

This one just sorta speaks for itself...mayTbe. I really have no idea what it says for itself if it does.

While some of these are made better by having totally inappropriate names, this one is made better by having a totally appropriate name.

4. A mini-list of deathblogs

Mike Molina just kept finding what we termed "deathblogs," blogs of people that for all purposes seem to have probably died immediately after their first or second post. A selection:

Well at least we KNOW that person is dead.

Read every post on this one. A seven-minute piece of beautiful performance art.

I really don't know why this one makes me laugh so hard. It's just so...perfect.

P.S. If you find some gems of your own, post them below!


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