Sunday, March 1, 2009

Top 8 Bob Dylan Impressions/Parodies by Other Musicians/Celebrities

8. Joan Baez in "Mary Hamilton (Bob Dylan version)"

7. Paul Simon in "A Simple Desultory Philippic" by Simon and Garfunkel

[no embedding on this one, sorry]

6. Weird Al Yankovic in "Bob" by Weird Al Yankovic

5. Hugh Laurie in A Bit of Fry and Laurie

[no embedding on this one either]

4. Ed Mann in "Flakes" by Frank Zappa

(At 1:19 in the video)
Note: the studio version of this one was done by Adrian Belew, an impression I would have ranked slightly higher than Mann's.  This one's great, too, though.

3. John C. Reilly in Walk Hard

2. John Lennon in an unreleased solo track

1. Mark Knopfler in his entire life


Sergio Zurita said...


Tobias said...

A Dylan parody by the late Benny Hill.

Anonymous said...

Baez has another hilarious parody in a version of "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall," in which she sings all the questions ("Where have you been, my blue-eyed boy?") in her beautiful voice and all the answers in great nasally Dylan twang. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

and "Mark Knopfler in his entire life"... Man, you rock! Great post!


Dawidsu said...

Here are two versions of Neil Innes parodying Dylan. :P

Anonymous said...

One more, by Benny Hill:


beth said...

How can you miss this one Christopher Guest from "Lemmings" - brutal but funny spot on imitation!

Milo said...

What? No Cate Blanchett? Her impersonation in I'm Not There was totally spot on.

Anonymous said...

loudon wainwright, talkint new bob dylan!