Saturday, March 21, 2009

Top 9 Differences Between New York and L.A.

As Peter mentioned, I was in L.A. for a week and only got back recently, hence my lack of lists.  But my trip has inspired a list of its own--the biggest differences between New York and Los Angeles.  Hopefully this will help you learn a little if you have only been to one of them, or if you have never been to either!

9. They are in different states

New York City is in New York State.  L.A. is in California.

8. They are on different coasts

New York is on the east coast of the United States of America.  L.A. is on the west coast.

7. Their spelling is different

New York is spelled N-e-w Y-o-r-k.  L.A. is spelled L-A.

6. They have different populations

New York has 8,274,587 people. L.A. has 3,849,378 people.

5. Not only are the numerical populations different, but the people are different, too

Not one of the 8,274,587 million people who lives in New York is also one of the 3,849,378 people who live in L.A.  That is to say, there is no overlap between these groups of people (at least for census purposes).

4. Given only their name, their statuses as geographical entities are somewhat different

"New York" may refer to either the city or the state.  "Los Angeles" must only refer to the city.

3. Not only are they on different coasts, but they are also on different latitudes

New York is at 40 latitudinal degrees North of the equator. Los Angeles is only at 33 latitudinal degrees North (of the equator).

2. The roots of their names are in different languages

"New York" an English name.  "Los Angeles" is a Spanish name.

1. Their names mean different things

"New York" means "New York."  "Los Angeles" means "Los Angeles."


Anonymous said...

Top 1 similarity between New York and LA:

Rob is a dick in both of them.

jordy said...

i was going to say man, rob, you are a smartass, but anonymous got there first