Friday, May 8, 2009

10 Short Plays Engaging Serious Social Issues that I Just Wrote

I recently shared with you my playwriting--a fun, goofy play about a murder mystery party. But I would like to let you all know that I'm not content to write only whimsy. I also write plays about serious social issues. Here are a few that I have just recently written:

10. "Consumer Culture"

A man stands facing away from the audience. He wears khakis and a red polo shirt with the collar popped.

MAN: Fuck L.L. Bean

A huge pile of diapers falls on his head.

9. "The War In Iraq"

Soldiers run across the stage. They run from stage right to stage left, then back to stage right. Then they run to stage left again, then back to stage right. Then they run to stage left and pause. Then they run to stage right and pause.

SOLDIER: War is tediou--

The entire stage explodes.

8. "Capitalism"

A rich-looking man with a top hat, a moustache, and a monocle walks onstage. On top his hat is a massive sign that says, "CAPITALISM" with an arrow pointing downward at him.

MAN: My name is Capitalism. I am unreliable, like capitalism.

7. "Sex Ed"

Five hundred actors have an orgy onstage. They don't stop until either the entire audience has left or all of the actors have died of starvation.

6. "We Have Raped and Pillaged the Lands of the Native Americans"

The actors perform the play "Our Town" in its entirety, but in place of every occurence of the word "the," they sing "On Top of Old Smokey" in its entirety.

5. "Suspension of Habeus Corpus"

An audience member stumbles onstage and vomits. There is no plant--this play just continues in silence until an audience member spontaneously does this.

4. "Red, White and Blue"

CHARLIE SHEEN: (singing) Men men men men manly men men men men men men men manly men men men--

JON CRYER: (joining in) Men men men men manly men, men men men men men manly men--

CHARLIE BROWN: (getting into it) Men men men men men men men--

JON FAVREAU: (licking his sneakers) Men men men men men men men manly men men manly men--

PIOTR TCHAIKOVSKY: (crying into a donut) Men men men manly manly men manly men--

JAMES GARFIELD: (pissing blood) Men manly men manly manly manly men--


3. "The American Family in the Age of Obama"

Footage of the Holocaust with fart noises.

2. "Proposition 8"

Three Asian men walk into a bar.

ALL THREE ASIAN MEN: Let's get married to each other!

ALL THREE ASIAN MEN: But we're already married to our jobs!


1. "A World Without Abortion"



Eva said...

My favorite is "Red, White, and Blue" for obvious reasons.

Amanda said...

"The American Family in the Age of Obama"

They are all good, but with this one I couldn't stop laughing. Brilliant.
(PS: this is your cousin)