Sunday, February 1, 2009

Top 1 Invented Holidays You Should Be Celebrating Today!

1. Sophie B. Hawkins Day

Guys, do you remember that song "As I Lay Me Down" by 90's songstress Sophie B. Hawkins? Do recall the heart-rending first lyrics of that song? Here is a hint, and by hint, I mean the whole first line of the song: 

"It felt like springtime on that February morning."

WELL, what is today? ANSWER: February 1st, muh'fuckas! Today is the first time you could possibly make the aforementioned claim! SO--put on that song, open the windows, feel the spring-ish breeze (honestly, here in NYC, it's quite balmy...) and sing along with Sophie. Tom and Caitlin and I just did it! It was the best!

All credit for this brilliant holiday goes to one Grace Parra--genius, pioneer, and sometime bootlegger. (That is, she wears boots on her legs.) Ms. Parra ignited the torch for Sophie B. Hakwins Day several years ago and continues to carry it proudly to this day.

On an unrelated note, Sophie B. Hawkins Day sounds like Sadie Hawkins Dance. What is that?

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