Saturday, February 7, 2009

Top 15 Petitions on

PetitionOnline is a great resource for people who believe that having "Seymore Butts" sign their misspelled rant 1000 times is the best way to bring about social justice/DVD box sets.  It's also a great place for found art.

Welcome to the world of online petitions.

Here is a test to see if you know what the word "urgent" means.  When something happens that requires urgent action, do you
1) call 911? OR
2) start an online petition?


I have no idea what this is trying to say, but I totally support doing a hoax of a bonsai kitten.

The new blood elves are just not cutting it.

Description: "The nick on hardwarezone "Jujubeans" was banned. We do not know what happen actually. As he is a very nice guy though scold excessive vulgarities, flaming other user etc, in heart he is a nice person"

Soon to come: Racists for a Racist History  Month

Yes.  That is how the internet works.  You can just delete things.

Okay, some of these petitions are actually kind of awesome.

The section actually exists, they just don't believe in it.

I don't think these people have figured out the right way to vote.

At first, this petition seems funny because it's misspelled.  Then it seems funnier because it calls for the punishment of specific people.  Then it seems funniest because those people are professional wrestling characters.



Amen, sir.

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