Sunday, February 15, 2009

Top 19 Things People Have Searched to Find this Blog, Pt. 2

Thanks again, Google Analytics! And thank you, creepy and possibly illiterate internet users! And thank you, Rob Trump, for the last time you did a list like this!

19. "10 most important equations (funny)"
This person was so goddamn sick of unfunny important equations.

18. "10 stages of the end of the world"
I suppose that if the internet actually has this information, we're on step four or so by now.

17. "12 things a tramp does"
Clearly searched by a possible tramp who believes that tramping is a DSM-IV-type illness, and that satisfying 8 out of the 12 tramp-criteria labels you a tramp for life.

16. "dana bash, reptilian"
At least someone agrees with me!!!

15. "example of a satire about why i hate women"
The Internet: Your Number One Source in Prejudice Justification Since 1996!

14. "how 2 make some1 luv u in 1 sentence"
Looks like Prince is really setting his seduction-bar high.

13. "literary terms hey you!"
This person thought that Google had stopped paying attention to them.

12. "make lists peter"
Okay, fine! Jeez... I was away all weekend, give me a break. (Also, this is the same person from #13. Before searching this, the were just shouting it at their monitor. The computer wasn't even on.)

11. "make numbers interesting"
Same person as #'s 12 and 13... public education has a long, hard climb ahead.

10. "olmecs+how did they sleep"
On top of a pile of big stone faces! Ahahaha... I'll be here all week. (That is an understatement. I am a secret highlander. I'll be here all times. I shall never die.)

9. "peter and bob make lists"
Nope. Nice try, though.

8. similarities between me and...?
As advanced as Google has become, you've really gotta give it a little more than that.

7. "slang names for peter"
I've always gone with Admiral Dennis McFuntimes.

6. "the line noooo from mighty ducks"
The Mighty Ducks is the only movie to use the line "Noooo!" It's true. A few folks accused Troy of plagiarism, but it turns out that that "Noooooo!" had six o's.

5. "theoreticalmovie"
Laksh! Someone is on board with the concept you invented! Perhaps to further its notoriety, you should do a guest list of Theoretical Movies? (PS: Theoretical movies are obviously full of meatbones.)

4. "things people have to have to make it"
Clearly, internet access is not on the list.

3. "things sharks are made into"
Oh, gross people... there are so many of you in the world. Driving around in your shark cars and watching your shark TVs.

2. "what cryptid am i"

1. "why did president norwood wilson make fourteen points"
WINNER! (And I'm totally writing a list of President Norwood Wilson's 14 Points now.)


Anonymous said...

Uh...*raises hand guiltily* I'm pretty much responsible for all the times no.9 happened. I kept forgetting Rob's name, sorry. I've since added this site to my bookmarks, hurrah!

El Gigante said...

Aren't you hosting a party tonight, why are you blogging?

El Gigante said...

Also have you not been listening to music lately? Your last fm hasn't been updated in weeks.

Rob said...

I forgive you, Anonymous. MOSTLY.