Monday, October 13, 2008

Top 11 Things People Have Searched to Find This Blog

I started using Google Analytics recently, and good Lord, is it fun.  Here are some things people have actually, seriously searched to find this site.  I didn't put things in quotes unless the search terms used quotes, just to be clear.

11. fake mensa acceptance letter

If you want to impress your friends by doctoring an acceptance letter to pretend you got into Mensa, wouldn't it make sense to search for a real Mensa acceptance letter, not a fake one?

10. gordon bombay loafers

Somebody wants to be styyyyyyyyyyyyyylin'!

9. things you can smell in cuba

I don't even know what to say about this.  Other than how much I love the idea that wherever you are in Cuba, there are certain things you can always smell.  I hope one of them is "Fidel's body."

8. brian dennehy asshole

Either this person was involved in an argument with a friend about whether or not Brian Dennehy is an asshole--then subsequently Googled to find evidence for their side--or they just want pictures of Brian Dennehy's asshole.

7. cool things to do with grilled cheese

Dude, just eat it.

6. yukon trail minigame cards

All I have to say about this one is: good Lord, I hope you found them.

5. "i want to make love right now" song

I know that this person was probably Googling lyrics, but I prefer to imagine that it's some really pathetic guy who is trying to find a song he can put on and it will magically turn girls into sex machines.

4. "casey affleck" rubbing


3. "i hate chuck palahniuk"

Right on, brother.

2. "peter you're a fool"

Right on, brother.

1. "hangin' preps, no regrets"

Man, this shit has been Googled TWELVE TIMES in order to get to this site!  It's the fifth most-Googled thing that lands people on here.  Yeah, that's right, guys, "hangin' preps, no regrets" is sweet-ass slang and it started HERE.  So far this slang term has spread all the way to at least TWELVE people, and it's still going strong!  Tell your friends!

NOTE: In a few weeks, I'll be doing another list like this to recap what new searches are happenin', and our succes with "hangin' preps, no regrets" will be going on with meatbone only x10000.  Just you wait and see.  Just you wait and see.

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