Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top 27 Fake Gang Names

Um, so I was going to do, like, a good list... but instead I read a lot about gang warfare on Wikipedia. Is there a truer sign of privilege? Anyway, I was doing that because I watched Gangs of New York the other day, a movie I defend beyond its own grave. Seriously. I would put myself through a What Dreams May Come-type scenario for that movie. Hell and back, babe. That scene with Day-Lewis draped in the American flag, waking Leo up after a crazy night of Cameron Diaz (PS: Who let YOU in this movie, period-piece-version-of-Andie-MacDowell?)... oh man. Chilling. Beautiful. "I never had a son," he says! That's how he intimates, "I feel like a father to you," he implies the symbolic relationship by pointing out the absence of the real thing! 

Aaaaaaaah. Anyway, here are some fake gang names I made up. USE THEM! DON'T GET ARRESTED THOUGH! By the way, Dead Rabbits? Really? That's what you called yourselves, guys?

27. The Muckdogs

26. The Caps and Gowns

25. The Flying Squirrels

24. The Nasties

23. The Once and Future Kings

22. The Band-aid Boys

21. The Ragin’ Aged

20. The Blastocysts

19. The Blue Bastards

18. The Green Bastards

17. The Periwinkle Bastards

16. The Third-stringers

15. The DVR Heroes

14. The Fast Babies

13. The Etruscans

12. The Black Amish

11. The Sharkjets

10. The Jetsharks

9. The Beestings

8. The Backwards Dicks

7. The Robo-Gators

6. The Greek Jesters

5. The Sixth Avenue Existentialists

4. The Dutch Ticklers

3. The Bruces

2. The Winsome Charlies

1. The Chicago Gaylords


Lakshmi said...

Me likes the Backwards Dicks.

Colin said...

Me likes the Bruces. It makes me think of Robert the Bruce, which makes me think of Braveheart, the greatest gang movie of them all.

Indigo said...

Colin, Braveheart is not a gang movie. Braveheart is a movie based on two Scottish heroes, Robert the Bruce and William Wallace. It is far from being a gang movie.