Friday, February 6, 2009

Top 2 Articles You Should Read Written By People I Know and Love

Hey PaRMLotters. It's an early morning. You know why I got up so early? JUST BE-FRIGGIN'-CAUSE, THAT'S WHY. That's what I bring to the team, America... unpredictability. 

In other news, their are people--you might call them Friends of This Blog--who write very well about interesting subjects. These writings have appeared on highly reputed web-logs recently, and the sphere-of-web-logs (someone oughta come up with a shorthand for that) is buzzing up a storm about them! Or storming up a buzz. Either one, really. In any event, READ THESE, THEY'RE GREAT!

1. Obama and the Science of Altruism, by Mr. Jamil Zaki (published on 1/26/09, on The Huffington Post)

2. Gossip Girl Deathwatch, by Ms. Caitlin Shure (published on 2/6/09, on The Daily Beast)

Local boy and local girl do well! Hooray for the internet! Hooray for friends! Oh, also, PaRMLoT had its 5,000 visitor yesterday! That is like a large number or something! As mayor of this town, I declare this pizza to be awesome!

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