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Top 10 Best Reviews of "Time for Andrew" on

As you may know, I'm always into new ways of discovering found art, especially on the internet.  One that I discovered a few months ago is reading reviews of children's books on clearly written by children.  Here are my favorites for this fine book.  I won't point out the gems, because it's more fun to find them yourself.  (Note: names have been removed because I don't hate kids THAT much.  But seriously, the names are pretty easy to find if you go on the site.)

10. Review name: "This book is a timeless classic" (5/5 stars)

I have read this book twice, and I loved it both times! It mixes suspense with a ghostly twist. If you want to read a book that will keep you turning pages until one in the morning, read Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story, by Mary Downing Hahn.

9. Review name: "Spooky" (5/5 stars)

It's just plain scary. If you like scary stories this is the right book for you. This book is about a boy named Drew who is staying with his Ant at her frightening and haunted house. Aunt Blythe Drew's aunt took marbles that were cursed by a ghost. Then Drew wen't to bed. He heard a noise in the attic and put a chair in front of the door. Slowly the creaking door opend. out from the other side came a boy exactly identical to Drew. The boy walked and looked around. He tried to get Drew out of his bed and then he sneazed. The boy said he had diptheria so Drew switched times with him. Later the other boy said he woldn't switch back untill he beats him in marbles and Drew didn't know anything about marbles.

8. Review name: "This book is a wonderful read aloud to elementary students" (5/5 stars)

The students are sitting in story time waiting for me to read the next chapter. Several of the students have gotten the book out of the library to read along with me. It's very suspensful!

7. Review name: "Just try to imagine Aunt Blythe's creepy house!" (5/5 stars)

Time For Andrew is written by Mary Downing Hahn. It is published by Avon books. Time For Andrew was published in 1994. Do you like mysterious books?
Drew is visiting Aunt Blythe for two months. He hears cries and starts to see things. Then he finds Andrew, who has diptheria. Andrew wants to switch with Drew for a cure. Drew agrees.
When Drew goes to bed one night during a storm he sees the attic door open. That's when he meets Andrew. 
" You can't be alive," Drew whispered, "you can't - it's impossible."
" Do I look as bad as that?" Andrew asked. "Dr. Fulton told Mama I was like to die before morning, but he saved me from blood poisoning last year and the measles the year before that, and cough and whooping cough as well. Hannah lived through diptheria. She says I will too."
Others will like this book because it is very interesting and mysterious. Drew is not realistic. You will find mysterious things happening throughout this book. At times it will make you shiver. If you like mystery and ghost books, you will like this book.
I would give Time For Andrew a 1 with1 being the best.

6. Review name: "Time for Andrew" (4/5 stars)

My book is about a character who finds a sick boy, and that the boy was from the future. Andrew's sister, and John thought they were going to live a long long time, and that Andrew's sister was ruining his life. Read this book, and find out if Andrew dies or not.

5. Review name: "Good Book" (5/5 stars)

This book is slow but good. If you like a slow book, this is a good book for you.First Andrew [ From the past ] is sick. In his time they can't cure the disease but in the future they can. And there is Drew [From the future ] Andrew wants to be cured BUT.....................Will Drew change places? You have to read the BOOK to find out.

4. Review name: "Time for Andrew" (5/5 stars)

Time for Andrew written by Mary Downing Hahn is an enjoyable book about two boys -Drew and Andrew- who switch times and lives. I loved this book because the author added so much description that it painted beautiful pictures in my mind. 
The characters in the story are well developed and are described extremely well. The author used the technique of describing characters by what other characters say about them. The main characters are Drew and Andrew...two boys who look exactly alike. 
The setting is in the late 1950's and 1910 and the main setting is Aunt Bylthe's house. A few backdrop settings are France and the train track. 
I would rate this book a 10 for its extremely amazing description. 

3. Review name: "This is the best book I've read since Harry Potter" (5/5 stars)

In fact I don't no which is better! I'm Ten and I loved this book. Time for Andrew is a story about two kids that are related, both named Andrew and are identical but from 2 totally different time zones. One is from 1910 and the other is from 1990 and they have the exact opposite personalities. One is rough and doesn't get picked on but the other is weak and can't defend himself. When they first meet the Andrew from 1910 is almost dead with Diptheria. The two Andrews switch places in time. Well what the Andrew from 1990 found out is that once the Andrew from 1910 is healed he doesn't want to switch back. To be able to go back to his regular time period he has to play ringer a game he doesn't know how to play and beat the other Andrew. The book is a good mystery and has lots of suspense.

2. Review name: "Suspenceful book!" (4/5 stars)

'Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story' by Mary Downing Hahn gives us a lot of imagery in our heads and creates a very realistic picture of the story's setting. The mood can be somewhat spooky and also serious due to most of the conflict Andrew will face during his visitation at his relative's house. It's a very interesting story; you will be wanting to read three chapters in one night--and that's because of the foreshadowing the author has produced. Only one negative about this book was that some parts of the novel were dramatically decreased in action (began to get boring); only one flaw like this isn't bad enough to put the book away and collect dust. You can't miss this book; and if you like ghost stories or suspence, this book is definitely for you.

1. Review name: "The Must-Read Book of the Year!" (4/5 stars)

Time for Andrew is an amazing story of courage. This book helped me to realize that you can't always control your life. It is about a young boy who comes face to face with his ancestor. These two have lots in common and many differences. They both switch lives, venturing into a world with unfamiliar backgrounds. Andrew is trying to save his ancestor's life by letting him go into a world with a cure for a disease, which they couldn't cure in his lifetime. When Andrew began to act more and more like his ancestor, he grew worried that he may someday forget who he really is and fights for his life. In order to get his life back, though,he has to beat his ancestor in a game of marbles. In the nick of time, he finally wins the victory and takes over the throne in his world. When he gets back home, he finds a miracle, which he helped create. I suggest this book to anyone who loves mystery and adventure books. It is a fabulous book.

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