Saturday, September 6, 2008

The 9 Things that Went Chronologically Through my Mind in Pour House, the New Bar in Morningside Heights

1. Wow, they took the space of Mona and Roadhouse.
2. Wow, it looks really cleaned up.
3. Wow, those are some large televisions.
4. Wow, these are some nice drink specials for this opening.
5. Wow, that is a nice huge dance floor that will never be used for dancing because this bar plays Dave Matthews.
6. Wow, I didn't even think until now how terrible this bar's name is.
7. Wow, this is offensively neat and basically exactly what a bar shouldn't be.
8. Wow, I feel like this bar is trying to date rape me.
9. Wow, this is my new least favorite bar in the area.  Let's go to Lionshead.

1 comment:

Shira B. said...

I have taken to calling it the Poor House.