Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Top 4 Reasons to Audition for the Varsity Show Creative Team

This is the most narrow-in-scope list I've ever done, but F it!

4. To be an integrally creative part of the oldest performing arts group at Columbia

Former creative team members include Rogers, Hammerstein, and Hart, screenwriter I.A.L Diamond, Thoroughly Modern Millie composer Jeanine Tesori, and writers for the TV shows Cosby, Murphy Brown, Friends, and The West Wing.

3. To challenge yourself to create something of this magnitude

This will almost certainly be the single project you have worked the most on in your life, and the time and professionalism will show.

2. Because the field is wide-open and you have a great chance to make your mark

There will be very few (if any) returning creative team members this year, which means 2-3 new writers, a new director, new composer(s)/lyricist(s), a new art director, a new choreographer, and new producer(s)!

1. Because it's really fucking fun

Most fun you can have at Columbia, swear to God.



Anonymous said...

you self-righteous and self-centered bastards suck.

Lakshmi said...

I disagree with the comment by anonymous. Rob and Peter are not bastards, they were born in wedlock.

That being said, there are other things that I can imagine are equally if not more fun than the varsity show: the dance party I threw the night before Columbia commencement- which peter and rob weren't invited to so they can say shiz.

Rob said...

Lakshmi I see your point but I kind of still think anonymous is right.