Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Top 13 Fictional Sports Teams

I'm probably gonna post again later tonight during the Emmy's--the list may or may not be about the Emmy's. Anyway, I'm watching like, five football games at once right now, so this one kind of came naturally.

A few thoughts: My legs hurt so much! Does anybody know what I can do about that? Also, last night, Caitlin and I both got home from separate parties around 2 AM and proceeded to watch ALL of the Comedy Central roast of Flavor Flav. It was magic and racist--not even tacitly racist! I never really bought it before, but Laksh is right: Katt Williams is a brilliant comedian. (Not even just for a former pimp!!!) Finally, what is the deal with the weather in NYC being so goddamn beautiful? Not even just for September! 

13. The Seattle Worst-Case-Scenarios (hockey)

12. The Tempe Fightin’ Conceits (basketball)

11. The Cleveland Inoffensively-titled Indigenous People(s?) (proud, strong stock-car racing)

10. The Manitoba Hockey Players (Canadian Football)

9. The Kalamazoo Claims Adjusters (curling… there must be curling teams, right?)

8. The Ocala Gray Panthers (senior league basketball)

7. The Duluth Gay Mafia (gay football)

6. The Scranton Strugglin’ Screenwriters (lacrosse)

5. The Rochester Evil Frenchman (Arena Football)

4. The Kansas City Awkward Silences (soccer)

3. The Bristol Palins (OMG ZINGZING!)

2. The Hartford Unreliable Narrators (football)

1. The Washington Post-9/11 Americans (Post 9/11 baseball)

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El Gigante said...

If post 9/11 baseball has two balls grounded out does the ump call "too soon"?