Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Top 6 Things I've Learned in a Month of Having a Blog

I know we haven't actually been doing this for a month yet, but it just changed months or whatever you call that, and I've learned enough in August to fill three lifetimes (really short ones where the babies died like right as they were being born though).

6. You end up investing way more of yourself in it than you would like to admit

Honestly, blogs are really stupid, and I'm pretty stupid for having one.  But that doesn't change the fact that I spent a decent amount of idle time wondering what a good list to make soon might be, or doodling on my math notebook ideas for "Top 34 Gay Porn Movies Inspired by Classic Literature" (#3 Lord of the Guys, #2 The Gay Fatsby, #1 Moby Dick)

(Alternate #1 for that last one: Brave New World)

(Another alternate: Uncle Tom's Cabin Where He Rapes You)

5. A lot of blogging is giving shoutouts to other blogs

I discovered that in this post, and with that idea in mind, I would like to direct your attention toward Dregslist, where Alex W. and Jeff J. have been making sport of posting ridiculous things on Craigslist and collecting responses.  Sample bit of inspired brilliance: "Looking for Someone to Recite Pledge of Allegiance While I Masturbate."

4. Peter and I Do Each Other Sometimes

3. Producing this much content is a bitch

We're basically trying to write 6 lists a week, each of which is based in a more or less coherent comedic or cultural-criticism idea (or probably both), so we're pretty  much writing six articles a day for our own amusement.  Part of the reason I wanted to do this was to challenge myself to produce lots of content, but it's f'in hard.  And...

2. When I can't think of anything funny I usually just get angry

See pretty much everything with this tag.  A lot of my written sense of humor is pretty heavily influenced by Something Awful, which is one of the best comedy publications going right now, and it's all online.  SA is probably what influenced me to be as aggressive as I am sometimes, but I do think it can be a pretty major fallback and (ironically) very lazy.  This gives me even more appreciation for someone like Ryan North, who is consistently hilarious without really ever going on the offensive with anger/rage.

1. This is ours and not a ton of people read it so I can do whatever I want

Poop poop suede archipelago suicide poop

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