Saturday, September 20, 2008

Top 6 Scenes from the Movie Cabin Fever

To my knowledge, not a lot of people have seen the movie Cabin Fever.  That's too bad, because Cabin Fever is friggin' great.  It's a horror movie with UTTER NONSENSE humor thrown in.  And by utter nonsense, I don't mean Family Guy-esque pop-culture-seizure "randomness," I mean really, seriously, nonsense.  Or even when the humor is coherent, it has nothing to do with the style of the rest of the movie  Basically, this movie rules and is amazing.  Here are the best scenes in it that I could find on YouTube.

6. Dr. Mambo

An awesome idea is to shout "OOH, FACED!" at people when you diss them.  I love this movie.

5. Racism!

The second part (which occurs at the end of the movie) is such a lame joke that it somehow increases the hilarity of the situation 5000%

4. This clip is actually gross and don't watch it

The part at the end with Dr. Mambo is fucking awesome though.

3. Hunting squirrels

Um, I love this movie.

2. Pancakes!

This is quite seriously the weirdest thing that has ever been in any movie ever. The biggest comedic gem of the whole thing is easy to miss the first time (hint: it's what the guy who gets bit shouts after it goes back into normal speed)

1. The End

I love this movie.


El Gigante said...

I saw this movie in theaters and let me tell you that it was a mighty bitter pill to take.

Rob said...

I have no conclusion but that you lack appreciation of great art.