Monday, September 15, 2008

Top 5 Moments in a GChat between Peter and Me This Afternoon

Did you know that the "correct" term isn't actually GChat, but "Google Talk"?  Weird.  Anyway, I hope this blog never descends entirely into me just posting chatlogs, but these are funny.

Peter: so some dude from spec blogs likes us apparently...
me: hehe
its armin rosen
Peter: right, right
who is that
me: some dude

4. On Death Year

Peter: richard wright of Pink Floyd died
me: no way
whats this like death week huh
Peter: seerz
dude, this is death year.
me: carlin
Peter: isaac hayes
bernie mac
bo diddley
me: awshit
i got the white ones though

3. On Death Year (cont.)

Peter: word
sydney pollack too
roy scheider
bobby fischer
arthur c clarke
me: arthur c clark died?????
Peter: yeah, back in march or so
alexander solzhenitsyn
me: boosh didnt know that
Peter: yeh
me: now you're just looking at the wikipedia deaths in 2008
Peter: haha. yeh.
although i spelled it right without looking!!!

2. On the Seinfeld Campus Tour

Peter: that's fucking retarded
me: i wanted to go to it :(
but the new york tour date has come and gone
Peter: it sounds so weeeeeeird
why is there so much candy involved?
me: becuase you will be lured onto a bus w/candy
and raped by decade nostalgia
Peter: decade nostalgia rape is my bread and butter
me: your sandwiches taste like vh1
also you make sandwiches out of bread and butter?
this may have been a poor assumption on my part

1. On Self-Referentiality

me: i might just excerpt this gchat later for a list
this has some gems
Peter: such as?


Peter said...

Armin Rosen is a great, good man. (And also "some dude".)

Re: the tags... Two Real Guys would be a great name for a show, Rob. Let's write that show. Let's write that varsity show.

erin siobhan said...

nice b&j reference, trump.