Monday, September 8, 2008

Top 8 Ways to Communicate Laughter on the Internet

8. simply typing "I just laughed"

Go communicate with something more your speed, old timer, like a telegraph.

7. "rofl" ("rolling on the floor laughing")

This one should be renamed "roflsstok" to stand for "rolling on the floor laughing and still somehow typing on the keyboard" to emphasize the more impressive part of it.

6. "kekekekekekeke ^_^"

Fuck you.

5. "lulz" or "lawl," etc. (slang versions of the already slang term "lol")

This is like that Robert-->Bob-->Bobby (or William-->Bill-->Billy) shit, and I don't like it one bit more.  I hate anyone who would choose to go by Bobby or Billy unless they are under 8 years old.  I might hate them anyway, but it would have to be for different reasons.  Anyway, "lulz" and its cousins are none too good.

4. "lmao" ("laughing my ass off")

I could get behind this more if people's asses actually flew off of them in a cartoony manner when they laughed hard enough.  Actually, it's more that I could just get behind a world like that.  So I could GET behind, but who knows if I could KEEP it, right?  Right?  Anyone?

This term is okay.

3. "hehehe"...(etc.)

I've been experimenting with this one lately and it's pretty fun.  I think it's for when something happens that doesn't really make you double over with laughter or whatever, but it's something comedic and you approve.  It's more like giggling.  Here is a good use on gchat:

Peter: [Big Lebowski reference]
Rob: hehehehehe B-)

2. "hahaha"...(etc.)

Onamatopoetic laughter.  Good, and adaptable, as shown above, but very high on keystroke count.

1. "lol" ("laughing out loud")

It's simple, straight, and to the point. "LOL" has been left so far behind that we often forget how useful it is.  Only three keystrokes, and the other person knows that you have indeed been bustin' gut.  Yes, it's been misused too often, and you should obviously never write something like "howz it hangin lol" but if you're not a fuckhead, you know that already.

It's also the only one of these with its own Wikipedia entry, which means it's special and better.

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