Sunday, November 2, 2008

10 Things To Do With Your Extra Hour Today

Today's DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME GUEST LIST is by Rachel Leopold!  If you want to write a guest list, e-mail one of us and we will almost certainly be okay with that because we are lazy.  For the record, Rachel didn't really want to write one but I begged her then I paid her ten dollars.

10. Finally get that disposable camera developed. What's even on there? Oh, that time Grandma was alive.

9. Watch an episode of Gilmore Girls on DVD. You'll still have fifteen minutes left, in which you can get ice cream or something!

8. Get into your time machine and travel back a few hours, gaining several hours plus the extra hour from Daylight Savings. You didn't waste your hour building the time machine because you built it yesterday in preparation for today. You're so smart!

7. Try to figure out how to move around geographically so you can gain an hour. Fail at this and realize you didn't even use your hour in the process. Maybe you're not so smart.

6. Read a good book.

5. Get some exercise.

4. HAPPY HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Schedule a meeting with your co-worker and pretend to be angry at him for being late "because of Daylight Savings Time." Insist he is late. Laugh about it after. You're so funny! What a good prank.

2. Make it up to your co-worker by buying him a drink at HAPPY HOUR!!!!!

1. Don't waste it reading this list.  Did you do that already?  Does it take you six minutes to read a sentence?  You are a slow reader.

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