Thursday, November 13, 2008

Top 12 Similarities Between Adrian Peterson and Me

Back in September, Rob wrote a neat little list about why he and BJ Novak should be good friends. This list stemmed from a frank g-chat conversation about our man-crushes. Though originally my list had been limited to Paul Rudd and Donald Barthelme, I must be honest with myself and include Adrian Peterson, starting running back for the Minnesota Vikings, as well. While I'm not so presumptuous as to suggest that AP and I should be best friends (since he's all the times busy carrying the Minnesota Vikings on his back), I think it is important to point out the following similarities!

12. Adrian Peterson and I are both 23.

We're off to a great start!

11. Adrian Peterson's last name is Peterson.

My name is Peter and I am someone's son!

10. Adrian Peterson left college after his junior year.

I could have graduated in three also, but I was too lazy to fit in Music Hum.

9. In college, Adrian Peterson was a runner-up for the Heisman Trophy.

In high school, I was a runner-up for the Outstanding Senior Award. Though Adrian Peterson no longer holds a grudge, my venomous rage is still brewing after all these years.

8. Once, Mel Kiper Jr. said of Adrian Peterson: "You can make the argument, [Peterson] is the best player in this draft, if not, certainly one of the top three."

Once, Mel Kiper Jr. said of me: "Oh no, [that kid] is knocking at my door again--I bet he wants to see my Big Board."

7. After being drafted, Adrian Peterson said, "I want to be the best player to ever play this game."

As a lifelong Vikings fan, I have to agree--I want him to be the best player, too.

6. Eight games into his career, Adrian Peterson set the NFL record for most rushing yards in a single game, with 296.

Eight days into my career, I'd set the lab record for high fives.

5. Adrian Peterson wears an Adrian Peterson jersey EVERY Sunday.

Earlier this year, I bought an Adrian Peterson jersey. I wear it most Sundays.

4. Adrian Peterson has rushed for 1,015 yards so far this year.

I am all the times rushing everywhere. There's so much to do!

3. Adrian Peterson's nickname is All Day, though he is sometimes called The Purple Jesus.

My nickname is Pete, though I am sometimes called Petey. Adrian Peterson and I both have nicknames.

2. Last week, Adrian Peterson scored the game winning touchdown against the Packers.

I've scored many game-winning touchdowns in no-holds-barred, trick-play-laden, snow-means-we-can-play-tackle sandlot football games.

1. Here is a picture of Adrian Peterson.

Here is a picture of me.


El Gigante said...

Your next list should be about vests. I just got one yesterday and it may be my favorite clothing item ever. VESTS! They're the next big thing. Every Obama American will be wearing them.

Football Chick said...

Frank have any of your female friends approved this vest?

Peter said...

Rami, Katie thinks you are Frank. This is either your happiest day or your saddest.

This leads me to believe that I need to do a list explaining the differences between Rami and Frank.

El Gigante said...

Hahahaha this is definitely the most amusing comment thread I've read today.

Football Chick said...

Wait, Rami who?

El Gigante said...

Awwwww sad face.

Rob said...

RamiFICATIONS!!!! I don't know what that meant.