Thursday, November 13, 2008

12 Great Facts About Edgewater, New Jersey

So Rob and I are big nerds and we've become rather fond of checking our blog's Google Analytics stats daily. One awesome thing that I noticed the other day was that 105 people from Edgewater, NJ have visited our site since November 3rd! (Or, ya know, maybe not 105 people exactly... but there were 105 individual visits, so... that's cool, too!) Anyway, we thought it would be nice to honor the Borough of Edgewater with a list-sized shout-out! (Note to other towns... you too can be e-shouted at, just tell your friggin' friends about us!)

12. Formed as a result of “boroughitis”, which, according to ol’ Wiki-peeds was “a political phenomenon that spread throughout [Jerz] in the late 19th century, which led groups of residents to unite to form boroughs from within [their townships]”… A) That’s so American, which I salute, and B) Boroughitis = the inflammation of a borough? Dudes, that term both misrepresents the phenomenon and makes me feel weird.

11. Edgewater, NJ is 2.4 square miles large—and 1.6 of those square miles are water! That means Edgewater is only .9 square miles big! That’s so tiny and adorable! (Eds. note: Rob, you are right that the arithmetic is wrong here, but it is Wikipedia's arithmetic, not mine. Therefore, it is the God's honest truth!!! Although, potentially, it means that Edgewater is actually .8 square miles large, which is even better!)

10. Edgewater, NJ has a population of 9,582—that means that its population density (counting only parts of Edgewater that are made up of land) is actually greater than its population! AAAAH! I want to high-five or hug all 9,582 of you!

9. Edgewater, NJ used to be called “Undercliff”… UPGRADE!

8. 49.7% of registered voters in Edgewater are Democrats… plus, they voted for Barack Obama over John McCain by a margin of 67.9% to 31.1% Yes, you did!

7. Safe to say, there isn’t much of a Republican presence in Edgewater, but they do have their own awesome novelty party—The Independent Coalition for a Better Edgewater! As far as I know, Edgewater’s pretty great already, but hey! It couldn’t hurt! (Incidentally, "novelty party" sounds like theme party! Oh man! Let's throw a huge, Edgewater-wide theme party! The theme is... Edgewater Pride--I'll go as myself, 'cause I'm so goddamn proud of y'all.)

6. Edgewater has a Japantown! Like Chinatown, but tinier and with cuter babies! (AKA: Like China, but tinier and with cuter babies!)

5. What?! Edgewater has amazing current/former residents! Like famous New York Yankees Robinson Cano and Chien-Ming Wang!

4. And John Sterling, the voice of the Yankees! (As in, "Yankees win! Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees win!")

3. And musical artists JoJo and Amerie! (Okay, I don’t know who those people are, but I’m sure they do Edgewater proud.)

2. BUT BUT BUT WHAAAAT: Q-Tip!?! The frontman of critically and popularly acclaimed hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest?!!? EDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY I LOVE YOU MORE THAN FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS AND HOCKEY!!! (Okay, fine, you are a super-close third but don’t even feel bad about that, dudes!)

1. How can Edgewater get any better than Q-Tip? I’ll tell you! Edgewater, NJ is the Official Peter and Rob Make Lists of Things Town of the Week!

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Rob said...

#11 involves some p. poor arithmetic, there, Peter.