Sunday, November 9, 2008

Top 6 Reasons To Go See The Calgary Whalers Present: The Deck on Monday, November 10th (today!)

Okay, if you feel like you're having deja vu, well, yeah, I posted a similar self-promoting list two weeks ago, when I was performing at the same event.  And yeah, I'm turning this into an endless string of plugs for myself.  I am doing this because I am great and deserve all the plugs.  Here is why you should come see me (Rob Trump) and several other people/groups perform sketch/stand-up/improv--8 PM at Broadway Comedy Club (318 W 53rd Street), $5 cover and one-drink minimum:

6. The stand-up comic Aaron Haber and the improv group Secret Promise Circle will be performing

Alright, so I've got no clue who either of these people or groups are, but read that similar older list (God I am lazy) to see why unknown entities are great.  Last time, the performers I didn't know were excellent, and I have every reason to believe they will be so this time as well.

5. Michael Grinspan will be performing stand-up

Now, before Michael gets offended, since I put him as my #2 reason to see the show last time, let it be known that it does not reflect negatively on him--he was excellent, and I was very impressed by his stand-up set.  The reason he has moved down is that there are just exponentially more awesome things at this show than there were at the last show.  Anyway, Michael was very funny last time, and I am hoping for a return of the fantastic bit about "Never Have I Ever."

4. The sketch group Brando will be performing

So here's something cool--I've actually seen Brando perform before.  They were the first part of a two-part show with Kate McKinnon's hilarious one-woman show being the second part, and the one I went to see.  So, naturally, I was skeptical of anything else I had to sit through.  But Brando was great.  Really, consistently funny, smart, well-written, and not stupid "theater kid" sketch comedy.  I'm excited to see them again.

3. Justin Grace and Mike Pullan ("The Calgary Whalers") will be hosting, and there will be MTV cameras there to record their every move

That's right, this evening will be taped by MTV, as a follow-up to an episode of Made that featured Grace and Pullan.  I'm hoping they don't actually use any footage of me, since I don't really want to be on the record saying some of the stuff I'm going to say.  But whatever, balls-out.  Anyway, you could be the background crowd in a follow-up episode of Made, hosted by two funny dudes!  Sounds awesome to me!

2. DC Pierson of Derrick Comedy will be performing stand-up

If you have the internet, you are probably aware of Derrick Comedy from highly-circulated videos like this one and this one.  But the best Derrick sketch is not either of those.  It is this one:

DC Pierson is the long-haired, nerdy-lookin' guy who usually plays the straight man in their videos, as he does in that one.  He's very funny, and the group in general has basically rejuvenated my faith that the internet can make stars out of people doing real comedy, not just people doing doing goofy non-sequitur "internet comedy."  Derrick is an inspiration to us all, and I'm really excited to see what Pierson's stand-up is like.

1. I will be performing stand-up

Who are you kidding?  Of course this was going to be #1.  If you saw my ten-minute set last time, and agreed with me that I was hilarious, then you will also find this funny, but not too repetitive.  I'll be doing about 60% material you've never seen if you've only seen me at that last show, so it's worth seeing me even if you did.  Included in that 6 minutes of previously unseen will be (mini-list):
1. the most offensive thing I've ever written, which I've held off over a year after writing before trying to perform it (read: possible train wreck, gotta be there)
2. a story about me doing illegal things (what illegal things?  BE THERE)

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