Sunday, December 14, 2008

Top 11 Rob Riggle Moments on The Daily Show

Well, I was very saddened to learn that Rob Riggle has filed his last report and will no longer be a correspondent on The Daily Show when the show returns from winter hiatus.  I wish him well on his future venture, a half-hour project with CBS, and until it comes out, I'll miss him.  To fill my need during the next few months' Riggle drought, I'll watch these clips, which are my favorites from his two-year tenure.  The top three alone are enough to convince me that he's one of the best Daily Show correspondents of all-time.

11. Riggle v. Gas Prices

10. Riggle v. Cupcakes

9. Riggle v. the Military Plan in Iraq

8. Riggle v. Torture

7. Riggle v. the Internet

6. Riggle v. the Fools Who Don't Understand Sarcasm

5. Riggle v. Media Hyperbole

4. Riggle v. the Chinese Economy

3. Riggle v. Empty Rhetoric

2. Riggle v. the Other America

1. Riggle v. Stupid Protestors

I think we can all agree that Riggle was the winner in every case.

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