Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Top 20 Shaq Twitter Posts

If you are not currently subscribed to Shaquille O'Neal's Twitter account, you best do so right the frig now. This is art. This is poetry. This is bang bang rock and roll. Also, it's all actually the work of the Real Superman himself, Shaq.

20. Shaq on happiness, tautologies:

The best way to secure happiness is 2 b az happy as u can everyday Shaquille oneal 7:26 PM Dec 8th from txt

19. Shaq on disaster relief:

Just landed in new orleans, how come it still looks like nothin has been done, whos in charge 3:56 PM Dec 2ndfrom txt

18. Shaq on leadership, care of the Greeks:

He who has never learned to obey, cannot b a good commander The big aristotle 9:53 PM Dec 1st from txt

17. Shaq on Plaxico "Plexico" Burress:

Is plexico in trouble, mayor bloomberg sounded mad 1:05 PM Dec 1st from txt

16. Shaq on ANOVAs?:

Im fellin good anova shaq quote Seekin input from strangers, may help u make better decisions 10:41 PM Nov 29th from txt

15. Shaq on measured charity:

Startn 2morro if u c a homeless person, feedem, only if u can 10:28 PM Nov 29th from txt

14. Shaq on what the hell, Shaq--are you trying to say that when songs get stuck in your head, it's because a ghost is singing them to you?:

How come i have the mr rogers neighborhhood theme song stuk n my head, iz he still alive 8:05 AM Nov 29thfrom txt

13. Shaq on Rob's hometown:

Why do they call minneapolis, the twin cities, nobody here looks a like, waaa waaa waaaaaa 1:54 PM Nov 26thfrom txt

12. Shaq on Politics, Pt. 1:

Does anyone have the names of the 14 people bush gave pardons 10:35 PM Nov 24th from txt

11. Shaq on fake medical conditions, vampires:

Cant sleep i think i maay have mental imsomnia, plus im watchn the lost boys 10:59 PM Nov 23rd from txt

10. Shaq on his roots, vampires again:

Watchn true blood, thats were i was born and raised, dat vampire town, shaqula has been discovered aaaaggggh 8:41 PM Nov 23rd from txt

9. Shaq on his astronomical background, Greg Oden:

Last nite i told greg oden , "we r not the same, i am a martian" 1:09 PM Nov 23rd from txt

8. Shaq on minimalism:

Man 11:55 PM Nov 21st from txt

7. Shaq on his sleeping habits, vampires once more:

@phoenixsunsgirl i'm a vampire i neva sleep shaqula 11:46 PM Nov 21st from txt in reply to PhoenixSunsGirl

6. Shaq on Politics, Pt. 2:

Did mrs clinton really take da job 11:44 PM Nov 21st from txt

5. Shaq on his son, and things that no one doubts:

I'm watchn my 8 yr old son play, i'm jealous hes a better free throw shoota 7:21 PM Nov 21st from txt

4. Shaq on strange ways to express fatigue:

Just helped a man push his car, schwww im tired 5:42 PM Nov 21st from txt

3. Shaq on trends, Steve Nash:

Sittin next to steve nash, tryna get hi to join twitter 6:58 PM Nov 20th from txt

2. Shaq on manly expressions of affection:

Just saw the the great phil jackson, gave him a kiss on da cheek 6:58 PM Nov 20th from txt

1. Shaq on himself:

Good morning everyone. Let me give you all a hint on how to relate to me, Shaquille O'neal I have a sense of humor I am very quotatious ...... 9:47 AM Nov 18th from txt


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I win... Huei doesn't have a computer...

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"anova" = another