Sunday, December 7, 2008

13 Signs That It's Christmas in Hell's Kitchen

13. Xmas costumes on the mannequins in the porn shop.

I mean, how else would I know that it's Christmas? The sexy nurse outfit is gone, the sexy elf outfit is in full effect--God bless us everyone, indeed.

12. Inflatable Mary and Joseph at the Salvation Army.

Also, the other day I saw a tiny, tiny girl in a tutu walking in. I really hope there was an amazing Christmas pageant held at the SA and that the tiny, tiny girl in the tutu was some sort of Star of Bethlehem or Christmas Spirit or Christmas Miracle.

11. Beer-guzzling Santa painted on the Latitude front window.

Latitude has become our go-to birthday bar, due to the spacious upstairs area and the remarkably decent pool table. Latitude has also yet to grasp the concept that text printed on a window will not read the same from both directions.

10. Gutter Rockstar singing profane Christmas carols.

"Fa-la-la-la-la-la-fuck-shit-pussy!!!" Yeah, I haven't heard that one. He is immersed in the Christmas spirit, though. In fact, he's positively stained with it.

9. Vinyl has a huge wreath in their circular window.

Full disclosure. I was struggling for items on this list, so I went to Tom and Caitlin for some good words... they both immediately jumped to Vinyl's window-dressing. This is indicative of the people I live with? (I jest, I joke, I jibe--they are the all time greatest. I hope I find them under the tree on Christmas morn. The thing is, I probably will, although the only reason they'll be under the tree is 'cause that's where they passed out.)

8. The harshly festive (or festively harsh?) winds of 11th Ave.

Caitlin and I refer to all portions of the HK past 10th as Detroit, since, ya know, it kind of looks like the Motor City (slash it looks like a bombed out area of Bosnia-Herzegovina) and the environs are just as inviting. Well, anyway, the wind has been whipping through Detroit like a friggin' ninja laser these days. Time to break out the balaclavas.

7. Expired eggnog in stock at the Food Emporium.

I managed to grab one carton of the non-expired stuff--apparently Southern Comfort makes 'nog? That's craze, yo.

6. The lackluster Xmas window at Lo Duca...

Jordy said that the three brown dance shoes and the red hat are obviously indicative of reindeer and Santa. I am not buying it. I am literally not buying it. I have yet to make a purchase at Lo Duca Shoes. Do I feel bad about this? Honestly... kinda. They're my neighbors, after all. When I was a kid, I had an old Polish lady for a neighbor and she gave me Easter candy and a Herschel Walker football. (And I loved Herschel Walker, lopsided trade or not.) I suppose she's still alive. Good on ya, old Polish lady.

5. ...and the exceedingly gay Xmas window at Delphinium.

The thing is, Delphinium was the only place in the entire HK that I could find a decent flask. Yes, I own a flask. Who wants to touch/reprimand me.

4. The strip club hawker who claims that if I come in, I can get a "Christmas Miracle".

Sweet Christmas Miracle reference, guy. I'm still not coming in.

3. Starbucks holiday cups, clearly.

Thing is, I have figured out the perfect way to make a Pumpkin Latte without actually ordering one. It involves pouring a nearly psychedelic amount of nutmeg into a venti coffee. (Also, if you have ever tried to trip by smoking/eating nutmeg, you're kinda 'tarded. But it's possible...)

2. S.N.M. is Christmas-themed.

Sunday Night Movie is one of the greatest traditions in our apartment. The Eiffel Tower prides itself on easing the transition into the work week with the communal enjoyment of some theme-appropriate film each Sunday night. December's theme, obviously, is Christmas. Tonight, we watched Scrooged and one Mister Robert Trump was cast as Frank Cross (Bill Murray). His response?

Rob: hehe


1. Duane Reade is selling Valentine's Day stuff already.

HAHAHA... jokes.

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