Monday, December 8, 2008

Top 14 Tramps And Whether or Not They Are Like Us

According to Bruce Springsteen's song, tramps like us were born to run.  But which tramps are like us, and which are not?

Leon Ray Livingston was a tramp/hobo who was a major author of the system of hobo symbols.

Is he like us?

Yes.  Tramps like us are, as Leon is, fascinated and intruiged by the idea of hobo symbols, which will almost certainly inspire a future list.

13 and 12. Lenny and George in Of Mice and Men

Lenny and George are tramps and Depression-era ranch workers in California in John Steinbeck's novella.

Are they like us?

Yes.  In fact, they are like everyone, as their plight reminds us of all of our own struggle to survive, even despite caring for or being retarded people.

W.H. Davies was a Welsh poet who wrote The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp.

Is he like us?

No. That would be like saying Superman is like a man.

Charlie Chaplain played the titular role in his film The Tramp.

Is he like us?

No.  It was all an act.

Boxcar Betty was a fictional hobo and organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Is she like us?

No.  Boxcar Betty was born to ride the rails, not to run.

Utah Phillips was an anarchist and folk singer, whose nickname was given to him by army officials who had never met anyone from Utah.

Is he like us?

Yes.  The official way to generate nicknames for us tramps is by using your home state as your first name.  Take it from us, Minnesota Trump and New York Mende-Siedlecki.

Harry McClintock was a hobo who wrote the song "Big Rock Candy Mountain."

Is he like us?

Yes, because jails made of tin are inexplicably part of all of our tramp dreams.

Emmett Kelly is a "World Famous Tramp Clown."

Is he like us?

No.  Clowns are not like us at all.

Supertramp was a progressive rock band with hits such as "The Logical Song."

Are they like us?

No.  Progressive rock musicians are clowns.

4. The lady in "The Lady is a Tramp"

The tramp in "The Lady is a Tramp" is a woman who has rejected the morals of 1930s high society New York.

Is she like us?

Yes.  Us tramps reject not only New York morals of the 1930s, but all morals of the 1930s.

3. The tramp in Lady and the Tramp

The tramp in lady and the tramp was a dog who ate spaghetti.

Is he like us?

No.  He is a dog.

2. Roger Miller's tramp character in "King of the Road"

This tramp has a trailer for sale or rent, and room to let fifty-cent.

Is he like us?

Yes.  All of us tramps have these same things.

Bruce Springsteen is a rock singer who has released albums such as Born to Run and Nebraska.

Is he like us?

Yes.  Bruce Springsteen must, grammatically be included in "tramps like us," as he sings the song.


Peter said...

In the words of Craig Finn, tramps like us and we like tramps.

Eva said...

Minnesota Trump is possibly the best name ever.

Rachel said...

Rob Tramp