Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top 20 Worst Urban Dictionary Definitions

So, the other day, when I was submitting the correct definition of "meatbone" to Urban Dictionary (argggggh why haven't they added it yet??? I will continue to downvote the other stupid definitions at every chance I get until mine gets on there), I stumbled upon a truly wonderful game., if you are unfamiliar with it, is a website where people submit definitions to slang terms or neologisms, and others vote on what the best definitions for those terms are.  The game that I discovered involves looking up a relatively common slang term--even better if it's sexual--and going to the very last page or two of entries for it, that is, the ones that have been voted as the worst by other users.  The results are astonishing.  Let me present to you, the most inaccurate and/or incoherent definitions of common slang on Urban Dictionary, complete with the real example sentence.  (All swearing, typos, and sexism/racism have been left intact.  Also, please fill free to join the game by submitting some terrible definitions in the comments.)

A very feminine woman.

She is such a schlong lady.

19. pimp

a newport cigarette

do you have a pimp?

18. skeet

Perjoratively used to refer to something of a small size.

That dress is extra skeet!

17. cock

Slang term for vagina used commonly in the Southern States.

That stripper's got a fat-ass cock.

The males genital parts.

He go thit in his badonkadonk

15. chode

A pubic hair.

You ought to shave your chodes dude.

The act of forming a gun with ones hand, with the index and sometimes also middle finger as the barrel, and pretending to shoot at someone.  Sometimes one exclaims a "BAM!" or "Bam-eti-bam!" at the same time, indicating that one has "bammed" (i.e. beated or mastered in some way" the person being fingerbanged.

Ha, I won!  Bam-eti-bam! *fingerbangs*

13. knob

Someone requiring complete custodial care.

"You're such a knob!!"

12. pwned

meaning pimiping women, nigguh, especially divas

dayummm i was totally pwned last night

Someone who rubs their face and lick duckbutter

man that guy had a butterface

10. doofus

a very cute boy who is amazing in every way

milo is a doofus and i love him

When a guy's junk is hanging out of his shorts.  Esp. at the beach when it gets all sandy and funky.

OMG, your dad totally has a camel toe.  No, no, don't look.

there are many definitions of circle jerk, but one of the unknown ones is that a circle jerk is a man who finds a group of lesbians at a party or club, and watches them freak, and then the guy jacks off and gets horny. (my friend told me about this one.)

i dont know wut to write for an

A bunch of assclowns running around disorderly, stepping on each others heads as they gather to the fuck-hall in which they engage in a humongous group-sex orgy.

1. The UN is a big clusterfuck
2. Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry is just a clusterfuck.

fish scented dental floss

Stay away from the bearded clam.

the male penis (dick, pizzle, shlong, ect.)

You got a hell of a grundle man.

when you get so f*cked up that you shit on the ground and pass out in it, then you wake up and its on your face

After passing out in her brother bathroom, Christy Cosmo woke up shitfaced.

hot sauce that comes out of a man/woman's genatillia

1. mexican smugaling titty licking rectum munching asian driver who complains that the world is going to shambles and it's being cotrolled by assholes when really he are an asshole causee you drive like shit AND he'd fucking dumb because china is the one who is taking over world.


2.ignorant slut


a pile of sticks


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dude these are awful

Anonymous said...

i love camel toe and cycle jerk but it would have been funnier if he said he was also cycling

Anonymous said...

Cycle Jerk? Are you some kind of dyslexic fucking retard?

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Derpy derpity dumb.

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The bearded clam definition. My sides have blasted into orbit