Friday, December 5, 2008

Top 13 Things Associated With Friday

13. Lyric from "Two-Handed Handshake" (The Hold Steady) that mention Fridays
Yeh, so... it mentions the show Fridays and there's a verse that sounds like it's about drinks after work (on a Friday)... eh? Honestly, this song is what inspired me to write this list, even though it has precious little to do with actual Friday.

12. Joe Friday
To be honest, I watched Mathnet way more often than I watched Dragnet, but I hear this guy was pretty cool. "Just the facts, ma'am," and all that. Well, way to go, Joe. I suppose.

11. Good Friday
Good 'cause everyone knew He was gonna rise from the dead, not 'cause he died. Also, PS: I was an altar server once, and one of my favorite duties was holding the cross for the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday. Although, in retrospect... people kneeling down, kissing the wood... that kinda effed me up. 

10. Fridays
The thing everyone remembers Fridays for was the episode in which Andy Kaufman (playing a dude high on pot) acted like a dude high on pot and stopped saying his lines. Michael Richards (you know, from Seinfeld, but also that time he started spouting the N-word...) stalked off to grab the cue cards, and then threw them at Kaufman. A brawl ensued. Hmm... your TV show's most memorable moment is a total cock-up, eh? Not a good sign.

9. Friday the 13th
Like, the day, not the movies. When I was a kid, I used to do this thing where every Friday the 13th, I would make my grade-school lunchmates throw out a tiny piece of their lunch as a sacrifice to some god--otherwise, the world would end. (It was something I'd decided.) Like I've said many times, I was a weird kid.

8. Friday
Yeah, Ice Cube! You were awesome in Boyz in the Hood, you'll totally keep being an awesome actor! Yeah, Chris Tucker! You were totally at your high point in this film! You guys, the sequels might not be great... but whenever this flick is on BET, I watch it...

7. T.G.I.Fridays, the restaurant
It ain't no Applebee's, but I gotta give some 'spect to TGIF. Their Buffalo Chicken Salad is remarkably decent.

6. "Friday, I'm In Love", The Cure
It's kind of a silly song. But silly in a beautiful, insouciant way, ya know? I used to listen to it while I would mow the lawn at my dad's college, the summer after freshman year of Columbia. I wasn't in love (or, more appropriately, I was falling out of it), but I was always wishing it was Friday. Hey Robert Smith... gimme a call. We should do a thing.

5. Casual Friday
As a guy who works in a lab with absolutely no dresscode, I've never really appreciated Caz Fri in all its dressed down glory, but I see the appeal. I mean, I went to Catholic school, where we were buttoned-down-and-tie every day, so... sure, I could go for some cargo pants.

4. T.G.I.F, the TV lineup
I'm talking classic TGIF here... Boy Meets WorldStep by StepFamily Matters. Man, I was spoiled as a kid. We had TGIF and SNICK. Now we don't even have any defenses in football with decent names! Where are the next Purple People Eaters and WHERE is the next TGIF!? (And Cory Matthews, if you can hear me, you're a good kid. And I miss you.)

One of the more honest perspectives on a night out on the town. Frankly, though I enjoy the original, if you can track down the Nouvelle Vague cover, you won't be disappointed. Aw crap, remember Nouvelle Vague? They were the coolest. Oh well. This song is tight. Except for the part about having piss stains on your boots. Whoops!

Best hour long show on TV today. Best ensemble cast. Best cinematography. Best pilot sinceThe West Wing. Most affecting depiction of the mundanity of small time life since ever. Coach Dad, Timmy Riggs, Matty Saracen, J. Street, Smash... oh man, I wish you were all real. Is that not the most authentic endorsement of a piece of art? You wish it transcended art-status and took on life-status. Anyways. The one show Laksh and I routinely watch, week-in-week-out.

1. Actual Friday
Named after the Norse god Frigg! As in, "What the Frigg!?!" Also, that selfsame Norse god became the Germanic deity Fricka, as in my first cat Fricka! Also, FRIDAY IS THE BEST EVER! I HAVE NO WORK TOMORROW! ENJOYMENT PROTOCOL IN PROGRESS!


Trey said...

Dude, you just totally brought back nun-ghost memories of mowing behind B&C.

El Gigante said...

Oh my friend, I am amused that your generation thinks the classic TGIF line-up has Boy Meets World (great show that it is) but the ORIGINAL CLASSIC TGIF line-up was as follows: Full House, Family Matters, Step By Step and Perfect Strangers. Note how the programing got increasingly "sophisticated" as the evening went on. This is THE line-up. They made trading cards about this line-up I tell you. TRADING CARDS (No lie).