Thursday, August 28, 2008

Top 7 Reasons Why I Just Switched to the Web Browser Opera

Well, I just today changed over from Mozilla Firefox, which used to be the best browser available, to Opera, which is now the best browser.  It became the best browser as soon as I got it because I'm really cool.  Here's why (no not a list of why I'm really cool that would be pretty much infinity long):

7. Opera has a pretty sweet name

It reminds me of, like, opera the music, you know?  I mean, I don't actually ever listen to Tristan und Isolde, or whatever, but if I did I would be pretty cultured, so I'll probably continue to lie about it and say I do.

6. The new Ctrl+F function on Firefox is really stupid about capital letters

Here is a serious grievance.  Anyone who has the latest version of Firefox, hit Ctrl+F and then search on the page for "firefox" (no caps).  It won't return ANY hits.  And they CHANGED that function.  It makes SO much more fucking sense for it to return search results no matter the capitalization, like Firefox used to and Opera definitely does.  That way I can search websites for things like "supakoolgurl815" and get a result for "sUpAkOoLgUrL815," which is probably the most important thing you can do with the internet.

(EDIT: Oh my God this is apparently becuase I had "match case" checked. IDIOT HERE WHO SHOULD PUT IN FOR A TRANSFER TO THE 17TH CENTURY.)

5. Opera features include "Spatial navigation" and "Web 2.0 Forms," NEITHER of which Firefox has

Okay I actually have no idea what those mean I just took them from here.

4. Ryan North uses Opera

Ryan North, creator of Daily Dinosaur Comics and patron saint of this website, has stated several times that he uses Opera.  Also, now that I have named him the patron saint of this website, I would like to take a minute to name The Replacements our official band, Minnesota our official state, and Warren Zevon our official singer-songwriter.  AND ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE USE OPERA.

Yes, that's right, the state of Minnesota uses Opera.

3. Opera has this sweet thing called "Speed Dial"

It's this thing where you open a tab and all the sudden there is like a PHONE NUMBER PAD-y thing and you click on like 9 or whatever and my #9 is this blog and you go there right away.  It's like bookmarks but easier and cooler and better by so much.  And it makes me feel retro by reminding me of phones.  Remember when everybody used those?  Different time, the sixties.

2. Firefox was messing up streaming internet videos on my computer a lot

This is pretty much the only actually real reason why I switched, but shh, don't tell the other reasons that.  YouTube videos often don't load on Firefox for me, or they load about two seconds and freeze.  Same goes with most other streaming videos.  For instance, say hello to this little bit of hilarity (from Jake and Amir, who are fucking awesome):

Lunch Meeting from Amir on Vimeo.

If you're on Firefox and that isn't playing for you, well, it's FIREFOX'S FAULT.  SWITCH TO OPERA NOW.

(Note: There may be some easy way to fix this Firefox problem that I don't know, in which case, I'm stupid and didn't need to go to all this trouble.)

(Another note: Internet Explorer also plays videos fine for me, but what am I, a philistine?)

1. Opera is totally way more indie

Ha, I was kidding about the above being the only real reason I switched.  THIS is the only real reason I switched.  Seriously, look at this graph, of current browser user share:

Man, how played out does Firefox look, bitches?  See that red sliver?  That's Opera.  Fewer people use OPERA than OTHER, what now?  Opera is the indie-est browser right now.  Hopefully, once a lot of people start using Opera, another even indie-er one will come out so I can switch to that one and talk about how I only liked Opera's early stuff.

(Note: I actually tried to switch to Opera about a year ago because I thought it would be indie-er and make me cooler, but after a week I decided I didn't like it as much and switched back.  But I'm not switching back now, because they changed some of the features I didn't like.  For instance, when you right click something, you can now open it in a foreground OR background tab.  This is the kind of versatility I demand from free products I download from the internet to made me hipper.)

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Peter said...

Yo, Rob. I got a new laptop and thanks to this post, I chose to install Opera instead of Firefox. You change mens' minds!