Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Top 33 Fictional Haircuts

I wrote this on the Amtrak train from Buffalo to NYC, you guys! That train ride was a legitimately bad experience! Don't worry, though. Tomorrow, you will get the many thoughts that ran through my head as the train whistled (or lurched, at times) through the New York state wilderness.

Today, though... fictional haircuts! They're haircuts that don't exist! So don't ask the barber for them or he/she will look at you funny.

33. The Belvedere/Belding

32. The Common Loon

31. The Joe Vs. The Volcano

30. The Dan Uggla

29. The G.K. Chesterton

28. The Look Lively

27. The Six Figure Celery

26. The Duckblind

25. The Saltlick

24. The Dice-K

23. The Eager Mike

22. The Times They Are A-Changin'

21. The Dennis Franz

20. The Sidd Finch

19. The Dad Can't Lose

18. The Weekend Updike

17. The Thurman Bunsen

16. The Leaning Loomis

15. The Capitol Steps

14. The Mitch McCroy Special

13. The Manifest Destiny

12. The American Jesus

11. The American Public

10. The More than a Feeling

9. The Comeback Kid

8. The Cardiac Kid

7. The Cincinnati Kid

6. The Best Years of Our Lives

5. The Chuck (as well as its variants, The Flipped Chuck, The Flopped Chuck, The 

Flung Chuck, and The Far-Fetched, but Still Entertaining Chuck)

4. The Ghostbuster

3. The Gutbuster

3. The Buttguster

2. The Boastguster

1. The Ghostbuster 2

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Anonymous said...

hahaha what kind of haircuts are these?! I want one !!!!!!