Friday, August 8, 2008

Top 11 Most Fun Lies to Tell

11. "I can't come to your party because I'll be watching preseason football."

10. "Excuse me, I think we went to high school together! You probably don't remember me because I've changed a lot. As a matter of fact, I think we were in the same English class? Mr. Kenny's class! You're absolutely right, that was his name... Mr. Kenny. Oh man. Good times. So, can I buy you a drink?"

9. "When I was a child, I set the world record for solving Olmec's Temple on Legends of the Hidden Temple. I also punched host Kirk Fogg in the face and refused to return the Cursed Flightplan of Amelia Earhart to the props department."

8. "We're allowed to do that at Mommy's house."

7. "My car can turn into a robot, but only when you aren't around because it's shy."

6. "I care deeply about the fact that Rob isn't letting this whole Merkin Muffley snub thing go."

5. "I'm pregnant."

4. "We experienced a very similar situation once while I was a supporting cast member on Everybody Loves Raymond."

3. "You can probably clean that up with club soda."

2. "I am a licensed physician and in my professional opinion, you have a terrible disease."

1. "Lisa Loeb is dead."

(credit where credit is due -- I owe this to Lakshmi)

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