Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The 26 Comedic Situations

Do you know about this one thing? This fella in the 19th Century, Georges Polti, came up with a list of 36 Dramatic Situations... it was founded on research and science, even. Well, guess the fuck what?! They don't have a list of comedic situations! Georgio was slackin"! Geo-polts totally bounced out on half of the job. Like, half of life is comedy, brother... as a matter of fact, I am watching Pineapple Express right now. SO. I went ahead and did the ol' bastard's work for him...

Also, see The Wrestler.

Also, as a preface, you should know that Rob's favorite genre of comedy is large pyramids of cans being knocked over. I went a little overboard to please Rob...

26. Humor
A man knocks over a pyramid of cans

25. Gender humor
A woman knocks over a pyramid of cans

24. Reversal
A man dressed as a woman knocks over a pyramid of cans

23. Shakespeare
A woman dressed as a man in order to further her career (but with unforeseen complications involving her crush) knocks over a pyramid of cans

22. Political Humor
The president knocks over a pyramid of cans (note: the cans represent the economy!!!)

21. Sports Humor
The cans get knocked over, then they get back up and win State

20. Farce
A mostly-naked man running from one bedroom to another knocks over a pyramid of cans

19. Comic Juxtaposition
A man knocks over a pyramid of cans... on the moon!

18. Ethnic Humor
A man with an accent knocks over a pyramid of cans

17. Sexual Humor
A man knocks over a pyramid of dicks

16. Parody
A man dressed as the approximation of a popular, recent film character knocks over a pyramid of cans designed to look similar to a popular, recent pyramid of cans (note: the result will most likely be titled "Can Movie")

15. Situation Comedy
A father who works too damn hard every day to have to come home to this is unable to fulfill his wife sexually or keep his kids from knocking over the family's pyramid of cans

14. Prop Comedy
A woman opens a closet and a pyramid of cans falls out (note: why the fuck are there cans in your closet, woman?)

13. Religious Humor
Several spiritual leaders, each belonging to a different faith, knock over a pyramid of cans

12. Mockumentary
A man who has spent the last year of his pathetic, small-town life constructing a pyramid of cans is interviewed in the foreground, while the pyramid of cans collapses in the background

11. Greek Humor
The will of the gods causes a pyramid of cans to fall over--the pyramid of cans was a symbol of sexual frustration, and now all the men and women are allowed to make love again

10. Fish-out-of-Water
A New York City woman knocks over a cans in rural Montana, forcing her to restore the pyramid--and in the process, lend some style to the locals

9. Animals
A dog knocks over a pyramid of cans

8. Ridiculous Animals
A talking dog knocks over a pyramid of cans

7. Ridiculous Cartoon Animals
A talking cartoon dog knocks over a talking pyramid of cartoon cans (or cats)

6. Zom-Rom-Com
A horde of zombies knock over a pyramid of cans that two exes are hiding behind

5. War Humor
A war knocks over a pyramid of cans, to the delight of a platoon of fun-loving soldiers, who choose to indulge in pranks and frivolity to avoid the horrors of war

4. Dark Comedy
A man commits suicide by allowing a pyramid of cans to topple over onto him

3. Romantic Comedy
A pyramid of cans falls over, causing a man and woman to fall in love

2. Tragicomedy
A man building a large structure out of cans realizes that he is building his own prison. Upon this realization, he bellows, "I'VE BUILT MY OWN PRISON!!!" causing the cans to collapse and kill him

1. The Absurd
A man knocks over a can of pyramids


Rob said...

You have gone overboard to please me and you have succeeded, Peter. Especially because I am imagining someone shouting, "Zoinks!" after #7.

jordy said...

11a. Greek Humor (2)
a nerdy new fraternity pledge drinks (for the first time ever!) enough beers to build an entire pyramid of cans, and then stumbles into it, knocking it over.