Saturday, January 24, 2009

Top 15 Symbols That Will Probably Never Be Used to Represent Any Religion

Christians have the cross.  Jews have the star.  Muslims have that star-and-crescent thing that seems to have a star somewhat improbably covering part of the moon.  But I'm guessing that no religion will ever start using any of the following...


It would manage to be both be exclusionarily sexist and demeaning to your own religion.

I apologize for how mind-numbingly stupid that one is, but it's like the fifth thing you get if you Google "symbol," and I thought I ought to share about the dumbest visual joke I have ever seen.

Not because it's not an awesome symbol--it is--but most of the religious meetings would degenerate into discussions of how the hell to pronounce this damn word.

Similar to the above, but with the added possibility of accidentally saying "cunt" when you pronounce it wrong.

And here is where the name problems reach a head.  I don't know if it's worse that it sounds like "fascist" or worse that it sounds like "feces"

This part is my biting satire because religion is antithetical to peace. B-)

Oh, wait, never mind.


Anonymous said...

I would like to submit that you forgot the don't-put-your-baby-in-this-bucket symbol:


Anonymous said...

you do realize that the swastika both backwards and forwards is used as a buddhist symbol right?

in fact, it's also a commonly occurring symbol in wicca and the occult.

The list was actually interesting until that last one.