Friday, January 2, 2009

Top 22 Slogans for 2009

Happy 2009, PaRMLoT fans. We are in the middle of a big bicycle race, which is to say that we will post our Best Albums of 2008 as soon as Robert J. Trump (the J is for Jerk) sends me his commentary. JK JK ROB IS GREAT LOL LOLZ CATZ WHAT EVEN IS THAT.

Anyway, this being the first post of 2009 and all, I figured it would be cool to post some fun slogans for the new year. Originally, they were going to rhyme, but I am an artist and artists don't live within walls. (It is true--look up any artist in the phonebook, their address will be either "The Woods" or "Outside, wandering".)

That being said, friend-of-the-blog (can we just abbreev that FOB from now on?) Pitr Strait came up with this one: "The World is Mine in 2009". Can't argue with something that awesome.

22. Guilty by association in 2009

21. The future is terrifyingly bright in 2009

20. Bend but also break in 2009

19. Agh agh agh get it off my face in 2009

18. Morrissey was right in 2009

17. Maybe I misjudged the French in 2009

16. Honestly no more animal-named bands in 2009

15. They should totally make a sequel to Point Break in 2009

14. It’s Nerf or nothin’ in 2009

13. Teach your computers how to love in 2009

12. Frankly, who hasn’t been there in 2009

11. Don’t bet on Brokaw in 2009

10. Don’t wake daddy in 2009

9. I certainly hope you’re going to pay for that in 2009

8. I’ll take "Famous Faces" for a thousand, Alex in 2009

7. Someone tell Rahm Emmanuel I was kidding in 2009

6. Guilt is a useless emotion in 2009

5. The only thing to fear is the thing-in-itself in 2009

4. Let’s be careful out there in 2009

3. Twenty percent chance of rain in 2009

2. Do it for the story in 2009

1. Playing for 2010 in 2009


Frank said...

Doin' It for Johnny in 2009.

m.u.marlin said...

rob trump's last year in 2009