Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Top 6 Pairs of People or Things I Often Get Confused With Each Other When I Really Shouldn't

I seriously only recently discovered that these guys are two different actors.  Honestly, see if you do better than me on this quiz.  Which one of these guys plays...

a) the boss in Office Space?
b) the bank owner at the start of The Dark Knight?
c) the Colonel who wants to blow up the asteroid even if it kills the dudes in Armageddon?
d) the bad guy in Pineapple Express?

Done?  Okay, the correct answer is that they're the same person and they both play all of those.

Sometimes it just takes me a few seconds to figure out which one of these I want to say, okay?  And sometimes I accidentally say the wrong one first, OKAY???

All I really know about either of these women (other than that they're female comedians) is that when I think of either of them I think of this picture:

I'm actually not sure which one of them that is.

3. Seth Green and Seth Meyers

I do this one a lot, and I've noticed that almost nobody else does.  Seriously, it's a really easy mistake to make!  They're both short little winking-boyish-faced comedians named Seth.  Stop making fun of me when I mention Seth Meyers' cameos on Entourage or say that I'm underwhelmed by Seth Green on Weekend Update.

I know they don't even rhyme, but their last names do look really similar on the page.  Which one wrote "Ode on a Grecian Urn"?  Damned if I know.

Want to know how frequently I confuse these guys?  When I was thinking of who I often confuse H.P. Lovecraft with (hangin' preps no regrets), I realized that the person that I was thinking of was actually H. L. Mencken.   I can't even remember who is who when I am thinking about how often I confuse one of them with someone else.  (Note: When I was thinking about who I often confuse Lovecraft with--but I was really thinking of Mencken--I was thinking that it must be either H. G. Wells or H. R. Geiger.  What is with the two-letter-and-a-last-name construction and weird dudes who are somehow involved in science fiction.  Wait, no, Lovecraft isn't a science fiction writer, that's Mencken, right?  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)


spazmo said...

Re: the cheese confusion - invariably, when I go to say "prostrate" my mouth says "prostate" and vice-versa.

Another time, I said "peristalsis" whaen I meant "halitosis".

Both occasions proved really embarrassing.

m.u.marlin,jr. said...

sometimes i confuse rob trump with anger

Peter said...

It is a good thing Rob doesn't regularly think about things like clotted cream, or Elaine Stritch, or H.W. Plainview, because then he'd have even more confusion.

Rob said...

I can keep Elaine Stritch separate because she shows up on 30 Rock a lot. I have no idea what the hell clotted cream is.