Thursday, January 15, 2009

Top 21 Places They Are Now

21. lying in waitBill Pullman 

20. selling hash for cash in Des Moines, Iowa - Melissa Joan Hart

19. perched ten-thousand feet above sea level, devouring a raw fish - Joe Rogan

18. right behind you! - Andrew Ridgley

17. weeping softly outside of 30 Rockefeller Plaza - Kel

16. weeping softly inside of 30 Rockefeller Plaza - Kenan

15. locked in a cast-iron box, suspended above Trafalgar Square - Toni Basil

14. in suspended animation on a probe orbiting SaturnDanielle Fishel

13. on an urgent mission to the nearest Arby's - Tommy Tutone 

12. waking up in a bed that isn't his, in clothes that don't belong to him - Kelsey Grammer

11. hosting "Hey There, Tacoma!" Steve Perry

10. lingering, somewhere outside of Burbank - Tatum O’Neal

9. chief Nantucket Fact Checker for Nantucket Nectars, based in Nantucket, MASpinderella

8. claims adjuster to the stars - Fred Savage

7. currently starring in the stage-play "And What Do You Have to Say For Yourself, Mister Prime Minister?" in Paris, FranceTone Loc

6. exists only in your dreamsLarisa Oleynik

5. exists only in your worst nightmares Lenny Kravitz

4. sleeping soundly at his ranch outside of Austin, TX, clothed entirely in meat - Lou Bega

3. imprisoned for a crime he did not commit - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

2. haunted by a past he cannot rememberFrankie Muniz

1. preoccupied with a sandwich he cannot finishDoug Flutie

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