Saturday, January 17, 2009

Top 2 Ideas That My Favorite Television Shows Stole From Me on Thursday

This is extremely self-centered, but like half of my lists are so I don't care.  On Thursday, both 30 Rock and The Colbert Report had ideas that were extremely similar to spec stuff I had written for the former show and The Daily Show.  Now I have to rewrite that stuff, so I'm going to complain.

2. A GE health care-centric plotline, with Kenneth never having been sick but then getting sick (30 Rock)

I think we can all agree, however, that my version of a GE health-care plotline was superior, because it included this exchange.

Whillikers, I just realized I’ve never been sick!  is this going to be like that one movie with Bruce Willis?

I can assure you, Kenneth, that this is going to be almost nothing like Hudson Hawk.

1. A joke about how the deep Iraqi cultural meaning of the journalist throwing his shoes at Bush was "I want to hit you with my shoes" (The Colbert Report)

Dammit, I wrote this joke as the center of a Stewart-Oliver discussion piece.

Well, Jon, in Islamic parts of the world, throwing your shoe at someone’s head  has a very specific cultural meaning.

And what is that?

It means you would like that person to get hit in the head with a shoe.

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Luke said...

That first one is good. Real good. The second one is pretty obvious. Hence, the Colbert Report.